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Wagons-Lits restaurant car no. 2975 Wagons-Lits Sleeping Car no. 3916

Established at the Nene Valley Railway (NVR) in 2007, as a supporters and friends group, the principal purposes of the International Railway Preservation Society (IRPS) are to:

  • Provide practical and financial support for the restoration of rolling stock of 'The Compagnie Internationale des Wagons-Lits et des Grands Express Europeens', owned by and based at the Nene Valley Railway (currently restaurant car 2975 and sleeping car 3916).
  • Promote and develop a Museum facility, to be called the 'Night Mail' to display these carriages and associated artefacts, in conjunction with the Nene Valley Railway TPO group.
  • Collate both historical and current day information on the Wagons-Lits company, its carriages and artefacts, making the information freely available on our web site, in publications and in the future museum facilities.
  • Promote the world wide preservation of historically important railway rolling stock and artefacts. In a practical sense this includes working on both British and International Projects on the Nene Valley Railway and other sites. This currently includes Swedish Railbus no. 1212, Danish E Class Pacific no. 996 and LMS TPO no. M30272M amongst others.
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launch01Danish DSB E Class Pacific no. 996
Accredited Museum No. 1636
Registered Charity No. 263617

The International Railway Preservation Society is a department
of the Nene Valley Railway Museum and Educational Charity
Museum Curator: Mr Brian White