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A Fiver for Ferry   Funding the Station Canopy at Ferry Meadows

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Last year we received a very generous donation from one of our former volunteers which enabled us to install roller shutters and let the light into Ferry Meadows Station Building for the first time in a very long time.

This year we are looking to kick start fund raising to install a canopy at the station. We estimate this will cost around £2,000.

What benefits will it have?

Building a canopy will have many positive aspects to it. It will provide shelter from the elements for those waiting for a train, which will be especially useful on days when the station is not open to the public. It will also enhance the look of the station and transform what is a very open area into something more cosy. This is all part of a larger project to recreate a Great Northern Railway Station, reflecting the wider railway heritage of the Peterborough Area.

Why A Great Northern Station?

The Station Building is the former goods office from Fletton Junction on The East Coast Mainline. It was demolished and painstakingly moved brick by brick and reopened at Ferry Meadows Station in 2004. Bearing in that this is the only permanent structure in place on the station, constructing a LNWR station with a GNR building at its heart seems neither here nor there. We also have a Great Northern Footbridge on site that was removed from the ECML and will be erected to join the platforms and Night Mail Museum in the fullness of time. Bearing in mind the existing infrastructure is Great Northern, the only sensible solution to stay true to the museum principals of the Nene Valley Railway is to forge ahead with this theme.

Historically, the Great Northern were well known for working with other railways. The LNWR and GNR had a joint line running through Leicestershire. As part of these running rights, trains originating over the line that is now the NVR would traverse over GNR metals to reach stations such as Leicester in the early part of the 20th Century. Other joint railways included the famous Midland and Great Northern Railway spanned a large section of Norfolk. They also had a joint line with the Great Eastern Railway through Lincolnshire.

As the project progresses in years to come we will look to continue with this by paying close attention to detail on colour schemes and styles when things need repainting or replacing. We are currently also in the process of getting the station column lights working again as these have not worked for many years since cabling was stolen. In the future we will look to build a signal box in a Great Northern Style on the site of the old signal box, by the crossing, to control both trains and road traffic and a second platform. Any funds raised beyond the money needed for the canopy will be put towards other projects within the station.


To initiate this, we have launched ‘A Fiver for Ferry’. With a £5 donation people receive a uniquely numbered gift certificate. The project is being managed and driven forward by The Night Mail Team, however funds are being ring fenced for the station project.

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